Hey you! You too can do Crossfit!


Crossfit is ever-evolving — in its infancy, it was touted as dangerous and unsafe, and as functional movements and exercise have been more accepted, Crossfit is a great way to get fit. 


When you pave the way, the pioneer gets a brunt of the backlash and that’s Crossfit! At Crossfit Stimulus in Hampton, work beside a group of people in a community that fosters health and wellness as their priority. If that sounds like you, join us in today’s post!

Crossfit: The Intimidation Factor


People often don’t try Crossfit because it’s intimidating. There is special lingo that everyone seems to use and it can be confusing when you step into a box (a Crossfit gym). But, the people inside are anything but intimidating and what you’ll typically find are fitness enthusiasts who are warm and welcoming. 


Yes, Crossfit speak is different, but that shouldn’t keep you from your goals! Let’s dive into why you need to try Crossfit today!


It’s a great place to get fit!


If you’re looking to shed a few pounds and want to get stronger, Crossfit is the place. Crossfit combines the best of everything — conditioning, heavy lifting, and gymnastics. It’s well-rounded and when you commit, you will see changes in your fitness and your body. 


It’s a good time!


In Crossfit not only do you go to your dark place and really dig, but in the in-between you shoot the breeze with those who are suffering with you! It’s a great place to be social and build relationships while getting the best training. 


Crossfit thrives on community.


People can say what they want about Crossfit but if you want to see community in action, there is no better place! Apart from training together in the gym, you’ll often find yourself hanging around after a class and grilling out, playing board games, or planning your next outdoor activity. 


Crossfit holds health and wellness as its foundation. 


Because you train hard in Crossfit and work your body to almost exhaustion, you need a really good recovery plan. Crossfit is really great about incorporating mobility work before and after classes and nutrition is just as important. To recover you have to fuel your body, so many Crossfitters adopt what’s considered a paleo diet, but really, it’s just cutting the junk and eating a whole-foods based diet with appropriate protein, veggies, healthy fats, and beneficial carbs!


It’s measurable fitness. 


Crossfitters are known for keeping journals and charting progress, which is huge. You have to begin somewhere and it’s important to note when you do your first muscle-up, to see how far you’ve come. It inevitably takes hard work and consistency, but in time, you’ll be able to measure your progress in the weight you lift and in how your body adapts. 


If you are here to get fit, have a good time, build community, improve your health and wellness, and see results, Crossfit is for you!

Don’t wait and stew in why or why not you should try Crossfit. Get started today!