6-Week Challenge Participants!  Below is your daily point log sheet.  We will post a link next weekend for you to log your points online on our google sheet.  You can keep track daily on the attached point sheet and add your weekly scores to the ONLINE spreadsheet that will be found on this website and the CrossFit Stimulus Members Facebook Group on Sunday.  We prefer to have you submit online and not to have to deal with your paper sheets, if possible =). Good luck and be sure to get to the gym tomorrow, Tuesday, for your Benchmark WODS which will be all WODS and classes ALL DAY TUESDAY.  We will be weighing/measuring/macronutrient calculating through Wednesday evening!  We will also have an optional meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm for all those who have any questions about the challenge.

Weekly Point Sheet:


Here is a file on how to use MyFitnessPal: