You are at the center of what we do. Your experience and your ability to reach your goals is very important to us. To keep things simple, we ask that you agree to these terms of service:

At CrossFit Stimulus, we promise to:

  1. Always be on time and prepared for an appointment with you
  2. Alter workouts as required to suit your needs
  3. Make sure that you are the center of our attention during your session
  4. Write plans and help you set goals to fit your long-term progression
  5. Behave in a professional manner
  6. Explain WHY any given exercise is relevant to you
  7. Correctly invoice your account or make corrections immediately
  8. Return your phone call or email at the first available opportunity
  9. Provide you with a safe and clean space in which to train
  10. Treat everyone client the same
  11. Be as flexible as possible in accommodating your schedule
  12. Maintain the strictest confidentiality
  13. Maintain an appropriate client portfolio and record
  14. Stay on top of relevant research that will help you achieve your goals
  15. We have an open door policy and appreciate your feedback at any time.

In Return, we ask that you follow our house rules:


  1. Don’t be late. A good rule of thumb is to plan to be early to class to sign in, look over the workout and warm up.
  2. Introduce yourself to new members – Let’s build our community.
  3. Our equipment was expensive-please treat it as such. Dropping weight should be done as a last resort for safety, not to show off or make your life easier. If you’re in control of the weight (and you should be), then you shouldn’t have to drop it very often. There’s absolutely no excuse for dropping or slinging weights. We ask this to keep everyone including yourself safe.
  4. Leave your ego at home-you know the CrossFit Mantra, “Our warm-up is your workout”? It works both ways. Someone, somewhere is warming-up with your PR.
  5. Work hard, put forth an effort– Don’t half ass your workout when you know you can perform better. Jump Higher, Run faster. Remove “I Can’t” from your vocabulary. You can and you will.
  6. Let the coaches coach– They are certified, trained and professional. Don’t give unsolicited advice, but always encourage others!
  7. Your mother doesn’t work here– Please pick up after yourself. Setup and breakdown your equipment. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience, so leave things as you found them. Take ownership and pride in our facility.
  8. We can’t fix what we don’t know– If something is wrong, or needs to be fixed, please bring it to our attention.
  9. Do not Cheat– You’re only hurting yourself. We are all here to achieve goals, earn them.
  10. Listen to your body– Tell your coaches immediately if you’re feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous. We can help.
  11. Be patient– All is scalable and workable for you, nothing is impossible. Don’t give up!
  12. Bring only yourself to the gym floor– Store all personal items in lockers or cubbies