It’s the season of sun and warmth, so take your CrossFit training from the gym to the outdoors!


As we’re officially able to wave goodbye to the winter and the cold, dark, dreary days it had, the warmer seasons holds us and beckon us to soak in the rays and get outside.


If you’ve felt cooped up in your CrossFit gym where your training feels stale and uninspired, perhaps a dose of the wilderness will pivot your plateau! At CrossFit Stimulus, we’re all about shaking things up and incorporating new things into your solid CrossFit training routine!

The Embodiment of CrossFit is the Outdoors!


While in a CrossFit class we may do many, many rounds of back squats, burpees, and Airdyne sprints, CrossFit is functional fitness — it’s being able to take all of these movements and translate it to our daily lives. It’s moving furniture and being able to place your carry on luggage in the overhead bin to climbing mountains and hiking trails.


So, while gym work is vital, getting outside is a great way to make your fitness more exciting and motivating this season!


Outdoor Activities


Cross training is an important part of CrossFit and what better way to cross train than to do it outside, and who knows, you may even get a great tan and your fair share of vitamin D!



Swimming is a wonderful exercise to do alone early in the morning before the masses arrive, or alongside your kiddos. The water is calming and the exercise is low-impact — great for an active recovery day.


Swimming is also a unique exercise in that it builds your cardio in addition to strength. So, whether you visit your local outdoor swimming pool or hit your favorite swimming hole, swimming is a wonderful way to get outside this summer.



Hiking affords you the chance to stand under the timber and soak in all that the great outdoors have to offer. It’s a wonderful way to see the beauty of nature while getting a great workout.


Hiking works your legs and improves your stability and balance. Hiking also scorches calories and is one of those fun activities that doesn’t even feel like exercise — plus, the addition of being in the wilderness is great for combating stress!


Obstacle Course/Ropes Course

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Take your family or work crew to an obstacle course for quality bonding that doubles as activity. Don’t let these obstacle courses fool you — they challenge the best both physically and mentally, not to mention, work every little supportive muscle in your body to find your balance.


See things from new heights and exercise off the beaten path with an obstacle course!


There are so many ways to incorporate the great outdoors to your CrossFit training!


Honorable mentions:


  • Run Murph or Helen outside your CrossFit gym
  • Join a softball or kickball league
  • Walk at lunchtime
  • Try cycling
  • Do yoga on your patio in the morning


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