At CrossFit Stimulus, we offer yoga classes to help our Hampton members achieve a strong connection between their body and mind, all while improving flexibility and mental presence. One thing we definitely do not like to see in our yoga classes is injuries. While rare, yoga injuries can be be exceedingly severe, owing to the fact that your body is being put into unfamiliar and potentially vulnerable positions. Here are some things to consider before attending your next yoga session.

Healing Time  If you are recovering from a previous injury, medical operation, or other physical ailment, it may not be the best time to work on your yoga practice. Certain poses could exacerbate old wounds, and trying to protect one area of your body could lead to an incorrect pose that damages another.

Hydration  Making sure you’re drinking enough water is key to a successful yoga session. As the primary transporting agent for all of your body’s nutrients, fuels, and waste products, water makes sure everything gets where it needs to go. Practicing yoga while dehydrated can lead to a buildup in lactic acid in your muscles, leading to earlier fatigue during the session and soreness afterward.

Restraint  As any competent yoga instructor will tell you, you should never try to push yourself into a pose. Yoga is meant to teach you patience with your progress and recognition of your role as the ever-learning student. If you really want to master a difficult pose, you will get there someday. For now, be happy about where you are with it, and take satisfaction in your incremental improvements.

If you’re looking for a safe and instructive Hampton yoga class in which to participate, contact CrossFit Stimulus today!