Calling all CrossFit ladies! Get all the tricks of the trade here!


Participating in CrossFit means your going to have to challenge yourself and give every CrossFit workout your all — there’s no way around this and you simply can’t fake CrossFit! What it doesn’t mean, especially for the ladies, is that you have to forego the things you love. Perhaps you love your weekly manicure or love wearing make-up — you can have all the things and still do CrossFit!


At CrossFit Stimulus, our gym is our family and we welcome you and everything that comes with that! Dive into today’s post for some CrossFit tips and tricks that go beyond proper deadlift form and ventures more into questions we all have but maybe are afraid to ask!

When it comes to women training hard, every activity presents unique challenges to women. In running it may be losing toenails or learning how to efficiently pee on the trails when on a long run, and we know in CrossFit we’re all subject to getting intense hand calluses. But what about other things we may enjoy? Our hair, nails, and other personal care issues? Let’s dive into them below!


CrossFit And Hair Care


Having healthy hair is important to a lot of women, and especially if it’s long, intense CrossFit training can really take its toll. If your hair is constantly up and sweaty, it can be a hot mess if you need to run errands or meet up with people afterward. So, how do you care for your mane and be train like a beast? It’s easy, braids!


Braids are one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy because it’s not being pulled like in a ponytail or bun and it keeps everything held in place really well, so you won’t have to worry about your hair falling in your face as you’re trying to PR a back squat.  


Another great hair care tip is to use headbands. Not only do they mop up excess sweat, but they keep everything a little more contained!  


After a workout, you can always take your hair down and spray a little leave-in conditioner or an essential oil spray to banish any weird smells and keep your hair looking fresh! Or, you can leave in the braids or headbands and those look just as cute!


CrossFit And Nail Care


If you love a good manicure you may also know that CrossFit loves to ruin them, and nail care in general! After a workout, your nails may look like you just went to battle with a combination of chalk, dirt, and sweat. 


One of the tricks to keeping your manicure or nails in general looking fresh is shellac. It’s long-lasting, doesn’t chip, and is great at hiding all the dirt and grime post-workout! But, it’s important to always wash and scrub your nails after a workout to not only keep them clean but to prevent from getting any illnesses or nail fungus!


CrossFit isn’t always kind on our hair or our nails, but we don’t have to forsake the feminine just to get a good workout in — you can have both!


There are so many more tips and tricks we have, so stay tuned for part two!

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