If you’ve ever found yourself short of breath and struggling to perform during a workout, you may need to improve your respiratory endurance. A big part of your success in the physically intense realm of CrossFit training depends on your ability to consume oxygen. Respiratory endurance refers to the ability of your heart and lungs to meet an increased, sustained demand for oxygen to supply your muscles.

Muscles need oxygen to react with, or in other words burn, fat and carbohydrates. This reaction creates the energy that enables your muscles to produce motion, from combing your hair to lifting a barbell above your head. Oxygen is collected in your lungs, and then infused into blood that is sent directly to your heart for circulation to all of the tissues in your body, including the muscles. When muscles are being used heavily, the heart and lungs must work harder to keep the oxygen supply. Many people don’t realize that the muscles of a rapidly-beating heart must also be conditioned to maintain a higher level of activity during intense workouts such as CrossFit.

Respiratory endurance can be achieved through aerobic exercises – moderately intense activity sustained for an extended amount of time. These exercises should involve large muscle groups, so that the heart must work to meet a higher demand. Swimming, cycling, and running are all great ways to boost cardio stamina. The result is a respiratory system that is ready to handle the intense demands of CrossFit training. As an added bonus, aerobic activities begin to burn fat after about 30 minutes of sustained exercise!

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