1. 5 Reasons To Try Crossfit Today!

    Hey you! You too can do Crossfit!   Crossfit is ever-evolving — in its infancy, it was touted as dangerous and unsafe, and as functional movements and exercise have been more accepted, Crossfit is a great way to get fit.    When you pave the way, the pioneer gets a brunt of the backlash and tha…Read More

  2. Longevity in Fitness

    How sustainable is your crossfit training?   If you’ve heard of the weightlifting grandma, Willie Murphy often comes to mind. Well into her 80s, she has a training routine that most Americans stand in awe at, and the most inspiring thing about is her philosophy about it. She’s not training for …Read More

  3. Exercising in Ketosis: Should You Do It?

    Keto is a great way to kickstart your health, yet is it possible to exercise while doing it? Over the last couple of posts, we’ve examined the keto diet and uncovered its benefits and its place in health and wellness. Let’s recall, keto focuses on a high carb/low fat intake and takes your body f…Read More

  4. The One Thing Will Sabotage Your Fitness Goals (Part One)

    Do you have New Year’s resolutions to get healthy? Find out what can keep you from them. The new year comes with a host of resolutions, mostly committed to our fitness and body goals — and let’s be honest, the last couple of months have been full of packing in all the treats possible. With var…Read More

  5. Team SUPERFIT Hampton Roads! Saturday, May 6th @ CFS!

    Team SuperFit Hampton Roads is just one week away!  You have until Tuesday, May 2nd to register your dream team!  We are also looking for JUDGES!  Judges will get a free t-shirt, meal, and water and snacks throughout the day, as well as lots of gratitude! Divisions The following divisions will be…Read More

  6. Thursday, July 28th, 2016 WOD

    ATHLETE A. Pull-up Strength Work Week 3 6 Rounds: 5-7 Weighted Strict Pull-ups  w/3-5 sec negative or 3-7 Negative Pull-ups w/3-5 second negative* or 7-10 Ring-Rows w 3-5 second negative, palms facing down Rest 90 sec to 2 min between sets *Can be jumping pull-ups with negatives, strict pull-ups w…Read More

  7. Sore After Crossfit?

    For first-time CrossFit members, and some more experienced members, feeling sore is not uncommon. While it may not feel great, it is the feeling of progress, and your body will become accustom to your new workout routine, and being taken out of its comfort zone. Why You Are Sore Crossfit is intense.…Read More

  8. 3 Core Crossfit Safety Tips

    Crossfit is a great way to transform your body, while having fun at the same time. You will make friends, build muscle, and learn a lot about fitness. But just like any activity there are certain guidelines you should follow when introducing your body to your new routine. While there are plenty of p…Read More

  9. Top 4 Reasons To Do CrossFit

    By now you have heard of CrossFit, you probably know someone that has joined us and now you are wondering if you should join. Obviously we are big fans of the workout, and strongly believe in the results, but to help you decide whether or not you should come to our Hampton, VA CrossFit Gym here are …Read More

  10. 3 Helpful Tips for New CrossFit Participants

    Everyone is new to CrossFit at some point. Even if you are in excellent shape, crossfit is a unique kind of workout that cannot be mastered on your first day of training. CrossFit requires its participants to have a great amount of determination, practice, and patience in order to excel and see last…Read More