1. Friday, July 15th, 2016 WOD

    ATHLETE A. Push Press: This is our 4th and final week of our second Wendler cycle for Push Press. This is a Deload week, in preparation for next week.  It is meant to be light.  Focus on form and trust the process.  Before we start our next cycle of Push Press, we will be retesting your 1RM Push …Read More

  2. Tuesday, December 29th WOD

    ATHLETE A.  Strict Press 5x5; Heavier than last time, Rest 2-3 min b/t sets B. 3 Rounds: 500m Row 12 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) 30-50 Double Unders COMPETITOR A.  Strict Press 5x5 B. 3 Rounds: 500m Row 12 Hang Power Cleans (185/135) 50 Double Unders…Read More

  3. Wednesday, August 19th WOD

    ATHLETE A. Back squat 3×3 @85% B. 5 Rounds 5 Power snatch 115/80 10 Box jumps 30/24″ COMPETITOR A. Back squat 3×3 @85% B. 15 Rounds Row 250m Rest 1 minute Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose ONE of the following: C1. 5 Rounds 5 Power snatch 155/105lbs 10 Box jumps 30/24″ C2. 2 Rounds 2…Read More