1. Why Kettlebells Should be Your New Workout Tool

    Many people are used to seeing kettlebells laying on the floor of their gym, untouched and looking unused. We think this is because most people don’t understand the power and effectiveness of a good kettlebell workout. Here are some of the benefits we can’t wait to share with you: You’ll Work …Read More

  2. Recreational Activities That Are Also Great Workouts

    If you’re the type of person that’s always looking for new ways to challenge your body and fitness, it may be time to think outside of the traditional workout box. Of course, our Hampton CrossFit gym provides no end of diverse and challenging workouts, but that doesn’t mean you have to live he…Read More

  3. A Fitness Center In Your Own Home?

    For people that are serious about being a top CrossFit competitor or continually pushing their fitness to the next level for any other reason, any opportunity to exercise is a good one. And while our Hampton facility provides no end of ways to get in shape, we understand that not everybody can make …Read More

  4. Opportunities To Accelerate Your Fitness

    Staying competitive in the world of CrossFit is a real challenge, and it seems that there’s always someone younger and hungrier than you are, ready to shatter your best time or personal record. And while we encourage people to pursue it as a means of improving their own personal fitness, there wil…Read More

  5. Our Scalable Fitness Workouts

    There’s no doubt that CrossFit is living up to its reputation as a fun and challenging way to work out, not to mention the fact that it gets results. So what’s the secret? What makes this system of fitness training so effective? Of course, there are many reasons why we see a continuous stream of…Read More