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  2. Low Back Ache Quick Test

    By MobilityWOD This is a great functional test…We hear people talking about immediately getting low back pain, a big ache when they sit in this deep position… Source: mobility…Read More

  3. Pro Episode #12 – Your body at 240 frames per second part 1

    By MobilityWOD This series is brought to you by the incredible camera talents of Marcus Brown (www.marcusbrown.tv).  Marcus has a brilliant eye for technical movement and a camera that captures a full 240 frames per second.  (Your normal camera/tv show is approx 24 fps).  This high speed motion c…Read More

  4. Pro Episode #10 – Fixing the Shoulder Positional Fault/Tweak

    By MobilityWOD I often consult with athletes that have just have recently tweaked their shoulders but haven’t actually njured them. Sometimes we get a little zealous with a big lift or are messing around on the monkey bars or rings and simply mess up. Like the spine, the body perceives that s…Read More

  5. Pro Episode # 9 – Spinal Archetypes

    By MobilityWOD Like the shoulder and the hip, the functional positions of the spine can be categorized into a few basic configurations.  One of the goals we have in training athletes, is to create fluency across movements.  This includes the spine. And, not only does an athlete need to be able to …Read More