Because training when you’re sick is never ideal!

Cold and flu season can swiftly take people out — and when you’re out, this means less time is focused on your training and CrossFit comp preparation. So, the moral of the story is to take preventative action now, so you can better give your body a fighting chance when all the viruses and bacteria come a-knockin’!

At CrossFit Stimulus, we want all of our athletes to stay well in the cold and flu season, which means being proactive in what you’re doing, now. Take a moment with us today, and learn what you can do to stay healthy and prepared for all the bad bugs we’re about to see! 

Wellness Tips For Cold And Flu Season

While we all have our own regimen for fighting illness, perhaps you’ll find below, some new things to add to your repertoire!


Fighting germs and bacteria always begins with prevention, and this is even more important for athletes because an intense training session can suppress your immune system anywhere from three to 72 hours. This is the open window when all the nasty bugs can crawl in and wreak havoc on your body. 

In this time, avoid being in public as much as you can! Or, if you have to run to the grocery store or do errands, always bring han sanitizer so you can disinfect afterward. 

What else is important in prevention?

Minimize this suppression window by always winding down with your recovery — foam roll, stretch, or do some quick mobility work — anything to relax your nervous system and bring it back to a “safe” (not fight-or-flight) space. 

Optimize your nutrition. While good nutrition is always the gold standard in training, this is really the time to dial it. As you’re probably well aware of, it’s vital to eat veggies, some fruit and a diet rich in unprocessed foods. What does this mean? Cut the crap and cook — prepare a majority of your meals and snacks yourself. This is also a great time to add supplements such as vitamin C and D and sprinkle in some adaptogens like ashwagandha or cordyceps to your protein shake!

More immune support is always a good thing, so consider the following:

Carbohydrate refueling – We’ve been taught to fear carbs as athletes, but carb refueling is vital to keep your immune system from crashing after a grueling workout. Not only does it dampen the inflammatory response — good, clean, and healthy carbs, that is — but it also counteracts exercise-induced immune impairment. 

Fish oil – Fish oil is a supplement that all athletes should be taking regardless, but especially during cold and flu season. It helps combat training-induced inflammation and has been shown to reduce the occurrence of upper respiratory conditions. 

Probiotics – Because a majority of our immune system lies within our digestive tract, gut health is a pillar in staying healthy. Not only is what you eat pivotal, but it’s the good bacteria that needs to be fostered. Taking probiotics is a great way to help balance and colonize the good bugs that you want that will better protect you in the cold and flu season.  

There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to supporting your immune health, but the best course of action is always prevention. Stay healthy and stay well as you train for the upcoming CrossFit competition season!

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