Keto is a great way to kickstart your health, yet is it possible to exercise while doing it?

Over the last couple of posts, we’ve examined the keto diet and uncovered its benefits and its place in health and wellness. Let’s recall, keto focuses on a high carb/low fat intake and takes your body from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.

So, the question we’re getting to here is, are you still able to workout efficiently since your carbs (what help fuel your body) are so limited?

At Crossfit Stimulus, nutrition and being in peak physical performance go hand-in-hand — to do an extra set or push through your 100th burpee, your diet plays an integral part. Learn more about keto’s role in exercise in today’s post.

Keto and Exercise

If this is your first time embarking in the beautiful and liberating space of a high-fat diet, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

One of the biggest tips, if you’re new to the keto game, is this: The first week isn’t an ideal time to start a new workout — it’s key to continue doing what you’re doing. So if you’re walking or getting in a couple of great HIIT sessions, stick with those.

The first week of keto people get what is referred to as the keto flu where you don’t feel so great as your body is trying to adjust to becoming a fat burner. Many time it’s accompanied with an upset stomach or sluggishness — factors that can make for a really crummy workout.

Beyond taking it easier in the first week, let’s consider a couple of other things that will make your workout while on keto a little more enjoyable.

Be on top of your meals.

Meal planning and meal prep is crucial while you’re working out on keto because you need to be eating enough of the right foods to better sustain your fitness. Because keto is eating high-fat, keep in mind the energy breakdown is much slower than carbs, thus having food available before and after a workout is critical.

Consider your carbs carefully.

When you up your training or begin a new program, your body requires more energy to fuel itself, so if you have to introduce carbs, do so at the minimum so as not to kick yourself out of ketosis.

The best, but not always the most popular way, is to count your calories and only stick to beverages such as water or black coffee. Zero sugar sports supplements are also an option because they contain no sugar and often have beneficial components that fuel your workout.

Stay on top of your nutrition.

While on keto the big misnomer is that you can get all the fat you want and lose weight is somewhat true, but to do keto optimally you need to be mindful and healthy about it.

It’s eating the good fats and getting a wide variety of colorful vegetables every day.

Working out and staying keto is completely possible when planned out and executed efficiently. Are you ready to conquer your workout on keto?

There are many more things to uncover about keto and exercise so stay tuned for part two.

In the interim, drop into our CrossFit gym for a workout you’ll love!