A. Push Press:  This is our second Wendler cycle for Push Press.  Please ADD 5 pounds to your Push Press 1RM and use 90% of that number to calculate your percentages.  For example, if your 1RM Push Press was 135#, and for the past month you were calculating percentages off that figure, we want you to use 90% of 140# to calculate your numbers for this new cycle.  Just as an interesting note, if you were to continue to do the Wendler cycle for an entire year, you would add about 50# to your 1RM!  Trust The Process! =)

3 sets:

5 reps@65%

5 reps@75%

5++ reps@85%

B. 21-15-9
Power Snatch (115/80)(95/65)(75/45)
Lateral Burpees


Same as above


5-10 Strict C2B Pullups