A. WOD Prep
Barbell Warm-up: Power Snatch + Clean & Jerk
Double Under Practice

B. “Oly Mashup”
For Time:
30 Power Snatch (115/75)(95/65)(75/55)
30 Clean & Jerk
*Every minute perform 15 Double Unders, 10-15 Lateral Bar Hops, or 30 Mountain Climbers

–RX Plus (135/95)

*The first minute starts with the Power Snatches and no double unders–so get as many as you can! When the clock hits one minute you must put the bar down and do 15 double unders.  Choose a weight that will allow you to get at least 5-7 reps in the first few minutes.

Scale the double unders so you are not working for more than 15 seconds-ish during the first few rounds.

WOD Credit: Street Parking


1. Power Clean

2. Clean Pull

3. Back Squat

4. Conditioning
3 RFT:
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24/20
12 Power Cleans, 185/135
9 Ring Muscle ups