The 2015 CrossFit Open is quickly approaching–it begins in just 4 days!  For those of you who don’t know what the “Open” is, it is the first step in a worldwide competition toward reaching the CrossFit Games and being crowned the “Fittest on Earth.” Each week beginning February 26th, CrossFit headquarters will release a workout online to be completed by the following Monday, for five consecutive weeks.

This year, we want to make this experience more fun by focusing on and celebrating you, our athletes. Each Friday, we will have a theme, and we will complete the Open WOD of the week as a community, with heats beginning at 6pm and going until around 8pm.

We want to emphasize that these events will differ from taking a regular class. This is pretty much a five week party! (Yes, food and beverage will be involved in some capacity –see the themes below!) We encourage individuals that are not registering through the CrossFit Games website to still participate, either to get a workout in, or to come and cheer, support, and party!  Friends and family members are also encouraged to attend!

Please remember that there is a scaled division so EVERYONE can participate–in essence it’s just another WOD like you would do any other day of the week, but for 5 weeks it’s a WOD the entire world is also doing!  Also, the Open WOD will be the workout that Friday for everyone at Stimulus, whether you are registered for the Open or not…so, you might as well register and be part of Team Stimulus!  Here is the link to register:

Heat sign ups will be available each week on a first come, first serve basis. It is very important that you sign up so we can accurately schedule the heats!  Anyone completing the workout, registered or unregistered, is expected to judge at least one additional heat.

Here are the themes for our Friday Night Lights Events!

Friday, February 27th:  Opening Party: Margarita Madness! — Enjoy a refreshing margarita after your WOD!  Paleo-to-go meals will also be available for purchase.

Friday, March 6: Team Stimulus Night — Wear your CrossFit Stimulus gear and enjoy Progenex shake samples to recover after the WOD!  Paleo-to-go meals will also be available for purchase.

Friday, March 13: Paleo Potluck — Bring your favorite paleo meal, snack, appetizer, or dessert to share and enjoy after you WOD!

Friday, March 20: Super Hero Night — Dress and WOD as your favorite superhero!  Paleo-to-go meals will also be available for purchase.

Friday, March 27: Closing Party: Bacon and Beer! — Celebrate the end of the Open with your favorite beer and bacon snacks with all your friends at Stimulus!