Because we all want to be the Fittest On Earth!


Did the recent 2019 Crossfit Games inspire you? Whether it was watching the ultimate beast mode of Matt Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey take first place and being crowned as The Fittest On Earth or watching the other Crossfit Games athletes go into their dark place, you can’t watch and not be inspired!


So, if that was you, let’s get training for the next Crossfit competition in your area!

At Crossfit Stimulus, we’re here to rally with you — whether it’s in your first muscle up or competing in your first Crossfit competition, we’ve got your back! Join us today as we explore ways to get ready for your first Crossfit comp!


Be Crossfit Comp Ready!


Going to a weekly Crossfit class and training for a Crossfit competition are two entirely different things, but in such a good way! When you train for anything it requires more of you — it’s just that simple and training for your next Crossfit competition will ask you to get a little more serious! 


So, let’s explore how to begin training for your next Crossfit competition below!


Do it for fun!


Let’s just put this out here now — you’re probably not going to be the next Crossfit Games champ, but that by no means doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compete — you absolutely should! But unlike the sponsored Crossfit athletes where working out is literally their job, you should put more emphasis on the fun!


Compete for the fun of it! Of course you want to do well and smash the competition, but don’t let things get out of perspective— a crossfit competition is there to challenge you and see how far you can get while still smiling and talking mad chatter to others between sets! Laugh, have fun, and get serious about your fitness!


Button up your nutrition.


Now that you’re training a little harder and burning more calories, you’re going to really want to focus on your nutrition — and not in the, I eat what I want kind of way! This is a time to not only get serious about your Crossfit training, but also about your nutrition. No matter what sort of dietary preferences you subscribe to, make sure you’re getting adequate veggies, protein, and fat while ditching the processed foods! 


Get serious about mobility and recovery work!


The fastest way to get injured is to amp up your training without supplementing mobility and recovery work.  


So, what does this look like? This is foam rolling and implementing a warm-up and cool-down after every training session. And, if it’s a recovery day…RECOVER! This doesn’t mean you have to sit and veg on the couch, but you can go for a long walk or ride your bike to dinner. 


Beyond having fun, eating well, and doing mobility work, there is so much more to explore into how to train for your Crossfit competition! Stay tuned for an exciting and helpful part two!


If you’re ready to finally stop watching Crossfit competitions and start training for them, find a whole Crossfit gym full of people who are ready to support you!