Take Crossfit seriously, but not too seriously!


In our first post, we began diving into how to make the most out of your training as you go into your first Crossfit competition to which we mentioned having fun in your training, upping your nutrition, and getting serious about mobility and recovery work. In today’s post, we’ll expand on this topic and offer up more tips and tricks to make your first Crossfit competition an absolute success!


At CrossFit Stimulus, we want our Hampton Crossfit family to not only go dark and get an amazing workout every time you’re here, but we want you to enjoy what you’re doing! Read more about what you can do to better train for your first Crossfit competition. 

Crossfit Comp Training


It’s nerve-racking to enter your first Crossfit competition, let alone put in more time and energy into training — it can be a lot. Let’s explore more training tips that will carry you through your first Crossfit competition!


Stay Safe!


This is always the cardinal rule in Crossfit, but especially if you’re training for a competition. One of the worst possible things that could happen is an injury. It would be terrible, if two weeks out, you tweaked your back and were unable to perform a snatch come competition day. This is exactly why you need to be intentional with what you’re doing and how you’re training. 


It’s natural, especially for Crossfitters, to want to go 120% in every workout, but this just isn’t realistic for competition training. Choose weight and reps that you know your body can handle and save your PR for competition day.    


It’s also important to do the same types of movements that you’ll encounter in competition — don’t go trying anything new or complicated! 


Eat what you always eat!


The day of the competition eat what you always eat no matter what you read or hear about from friends. If you typically eat three eggs and sauteed veggies for breakfast and you know that works, do not change it! Even if it seems like it won’t get you through or is too much, if your body is used to it, it will perform with what it knows. 


Also remember to stay well hydrated and get good, healthy foods the day before the competition. 


Warm-up before every Crossfit heat.


We mentioned how vital mobility and recovery are and this is true for each heat. Want to do better and go darker? Warm up! The thing is, you can’t really warm up too much. Not only is a warm-up crucial to your physical abilities but it’s also a time when you prepare mentally. 


30-40 minutes should be the minimum goal for your heat warm-up at the Crossfit competition. Begin with easy movements such as double unders, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks to help get your body moving. Then move into things such as bodyweight squats and perform the specific movements you’ll encounter during competition.  


It’s important to stay safe, eat what your body is used to, and warm up before every heat as you go into your first Crossfit competition! 


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