At CrossFit Stimulus, we believe in well rounded fitness. We are unlike any other crossfit gym. Not only do we provide daily crossfit workouts but we also offer weekly yoga courses. Our goal is to provide our clients with a different type of workout that focuses on different aspects of the body and helps improve their crossfit performance.

Yoga is a great total body workout that focuses on body strength as well as flexibility. Without the use of weights, yoga can help tone and shape nearly every muscle in your body. One workout can help increase your strength while improving your balance. Yoga also puts a lot of emphasis on your breathing capacity. During a yoga workout, each move is synchronized with your breathing and it does not take long for you to notice increased lung capacity. It also does not take long for you to notice an improvement in your flexibility. Although yoga is a strength training exercise, it is also centered around elongating muscles which creates long, lean muscles. The focus on flexibility also helps improve recovery time as well as reduce muscle soreness and tightness.

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of yoga and do not let its gentle nature fool you. If you want to improve your crossfit performance and become the very best athlete you can, then give yoga a shot. Combined with our crossfit workouts, you will surely see a total body transformation. Our coaches will help drive and motivate you and help you experience the best workout possible. Come in Saturday mornings at 8 to see what our yoga courses are all about.