A woman bends over to grab exercise "battle ropes" in preparation for a workout.

How sustainable is your crossfit training?


If you’ve heard of the weightlifting grandma, Willie Murphy often comes to mind. Well into her 80s, she has a training routine that most Americans stand in awe at, and the most inspiring thing about is her philosophy about it. She’s not training for aesthetics — six-pack abs and Michelle Obama arms are not her goal. No, as she puts it, “I train for L-I-F-E —  life.”


At Crossfit Stimulus, longevity in training is just as important as your short term goal of getting your first muscle up. Follow along in today’s post as we touch upon the call for longevity in training and what can help you get there.

Short Term Training Goals Vs. Longevity Training


Pushing our bodies to the limit and digging into the suck is what we do in crossfit — we want it all. Faster times, heavier weights, and of course the aesthetics that come with trying diligently.


In the moment or in this training time, this consumes us, it’s all we think about. We adopt perfectly executed nutrition regimens and have our days built around weightlifting, metcons, and gymnastics skills.


Our crossfit gym is more than our community, it’s our home.


But how long can this last?


This is where training and fitness longevity comes in.  


Fitness is only as good as its sustainability, and people often get tripped up over missing a training session here or worrying about the donut and beer they smashed on Friday morning and evening.


What is going to make a huge difference in your training or fitness is not grinding for two years with the body, strength, and stamina to boot — this is short lived. Longevity is ushered by consistency and not necessarily intensity or volume.


It’s not the occasional donut and beer that’s going to make you gain weight. It’s following a regimented workout routine and then getting burnt out only to quit and not keeping up your fitness.


We have to remember what we’re doing it for. There are the perks of getting fitter and really pushing to see what we’re capable of, but Willie Murphy is on to something — it’s about training for life. After all, crossift is functional fitness!


Why do we squat?


We squat to keep our muscles strong so we can get in and out of chairs and on and off the toilet. It may sound silly now, but as you age and reach senior status, this can be the difference of staying independent and living in your own home.


Why do we do barbell overhead presses?


We press so we can throw our own luggage in the overhead area on the plane and for the ability to put groceries away.


There are so many movements that we do in crossfit that gives us the ability to live a better quality of life. From shoveling snow and moving furniture, to staying healthy enough to climb stairs and avoid life-altering accidents and injuries.


So, when it comes to fitness, think about the longevity in what you’re doing and if it’s something you will be able to sustain well into your golden years.


If you’re ready to improve your functional fitness so you can shovel snow and lift heavy luggage, start your journey with us today!