A. “Back to Front Squatin'”
Min 1: 6-8 Back Squat
Min 2: 3-4 Front Squat
*Must use same weight for both squats–Weight should be around 55-65% of your max Front Squat. Be careful–this gets hard fast!

B. “Tiger’s Blood”
3 Rounds for Time:
10 Clean & Jerk (135/95)(115/85)(95/65)
400m Run/500m Row/18-22 Cal Assault Bike


A  Snatch
work up to a heavy single Halting Squat Snatch (Pause below knees for 2 seconds)

B.  Back Squat
3×6 Across

C.  Conditioning
“Tiger Blood”
3 RFT:
10 Clean & Jerk (135/95)
400m Run