A. Pull-up Strength Work
4 Sets:
5-12 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups or Regular Strict Pullups*
Rest 30-60 Sec
10-15 Strict Ring Rows or Supine Rows (Ring rows with feet on Box)
Rest 60 Sec

*If you don’t have Strict pull-ups yet, consider a red or blue band (no double bands or green allowed) or the variation in the video below.  This variation can also be accomplished using a box under the shorter pull-up bars.  Be sure to maintain a hollow position!

B. “Dumb & Dumber”
300m Row
12 Dumbbell Push Presses
16 Dumbbell Step Back Lunges*
*Lunges done with DB’s at hang

*DB #s for Men 20s-40s, for Women 15s-30s


17.3 or do the workout above