OPEN ATHLETES:  Don’t forget to enter in your time for 15.5 by 8pm tonight!

Today is officially the last day of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open!  Whether you are brand new to competing in the Open or are a veteran, this is a time to reflect on what you learned by participating this year. Some of you may have learned that you thrive in competition.  Some of you may have realized some strengths you never knew you had!  And all of us, because we are human, saw some weaknesses reveal themselves, perhaps a little more intensely than we had hoped.

But right now, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t place where you wanted to or achieve scores you believe you “should have” been able to achieve.  Right now, what matters is what you do with the information you learned by participating. Now is a good time to write down your own reflection on the Open.  What movements were most difficult for you?  What time domains did you struggle with the most?  What rep ranges did you do the best with?  What combinations of exercises were much more difficult than you anticipated?  How were your sleep and recovery habits during the past 5 weeks?  What were your stress levels like?  How was your overall nutrition over the past 5 weeks, over the past 5 months—were you eating clean 80% of the time or 50% of the time…be honest with yourself! What did you do pre and post workout?  How was your mental toughness throughout all of this?  How was your “self-talk” before, during, and after the workouts? Etc, etc.  Considering all of those factors will help you set goals for the rest of the year, that you can start NOW!  I read a blog this morning and this statement resonated with me: “The biggest mistake most people will make is manifesting a negative experience out of the Open and allowing perceived failures to intimidate them away from facing the truth, which is this: Fitness takes time. Fitness is not won or lost on one day, in one training session. Fitness is an account that builds interest, if you invest in it.”

Now is the time to make more of a commitment to yourself of what you want to achieve for next year.  Is it to add 20# to your Clean and Jerk AND not look like a train wreck doing it?  Is it to get multiple chest to bar pullups or that first pullup?  Or maybe it’s to improve that “engine” and not have to spend 10 seconds after every 3 reps with your hands on your knees!  Or perhaps it’s to compete in more local competitions with a partner.  Don’t just talk about what you want to achieve, make steps to do it!  Change your nutrition, make it to more WODs each week.  Stay after class to work on weaknesses.  Come early to work on mobility.  Listen intently to what your coaches have to say–we are here to make you fitter, move better, and want nothing more than to see each and every one of you succeed!  Get yourself to Saturday’s “Goat” class or Thursday’s mobility class or Friday’s gymnastics class.  And most importantly, HAVE FUN!   Make sure that you are not being so hard on yourself that you are taking the fun out of CrossFit.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you can or can’t do a muscle-up or Snatch your bodyweight; what matters is your attitude and how you treat others! Don’t forget that we are apart of an amazing community of people and you should take full advantage of that!  Make it a priority to meet a new person each week.  You might find your new gymnastics class buddy or Saturday conditioning class friend. There is power in community, and being held accountable by your CrossFit friend (whom you know you will disappoint by not making it to the 530pm class), just might be the difference it makes in your life and in their life!


15 Mins Handstand work
(walk, hold…)

15 Min Amrap
10 OHS (95/65)
10 Pullup
10 Box Jump

Extra Work
5 sets of:
10 wall ball shots 20/14 10′
100m FW – 70/55#/h
5 Ring or bar MU/ CTB/pullup
40m prowler push (slow and heavy)
rest 3mins