A. 7 x 1 Squat clean @80-97.5%
Move up based on feel. (90 sec rest b/t reps)

B. 21-15-9-6-3
CTB pull-ups
Back squat (205/135) (185/115) – Bar taken from ground


A. Squat clean 10×1 @80-97.5% Move up based on feel. Percentages based on test week max, unless you’ve hit a heavier squat clean recently, then you may use that.

B. 24-21-18-15-18-21-24 Calorie row Rest 1:1

Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose TWO of the following:

C1. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
CTB pull-ups
Back squat 225/155lbs – Bar taken from ground

C2. EMOM 12 minutes
Even: Run 200m
Odd: 15 Toes to bar

C3. Overhead Squat:
1×3 – 10 second hold at the bottom (light)
1×3 – 5 second hold at the bottom (moderate)
3×2 AHAP
This is specifically for people who struggle with the bottom position/mobility of the OHS and snatch.

C4.  2 Rounds
100m forward facing sled drag – Heavy grind
Rest 5 minutes