operationchristmas child

It’s Official- Crossfit Stimulus is a drop off location for Operation Christmas Child next week! Make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas that would not have a Christmas with out your gift!
STEP 1: Grab a shoe box you have or get one at CrossFit Stimulus
STEP 2: Fill it with simple gifts using the idea guide: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/operation-christmas-child/what-goes-in-my-shoebox-suggestions/
STEP 3: Log on the Operation Christmas Child and pay $7 donation and print your boy or girl shipping label
STEP 4: Bring your box to CrossFit Stimulus during the week of November 16-23
STEP 5: Track your gift online and see where in the world your gift goes to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of a child in need this Christmas

xmas shoebox