Staying competitive in the world of CrossFit is a real challenge, and it seems that there’s always someone younger and hungrier than you are, ready to shatter your best time or personal record. And while we encourage people to pursue it as a means of improving their own personal fitness, there will always be those who derive positive motivation from healthy competition. If you’re one of those people, here are some ideas for increasing strength and stamina outside of our our Hampton gym.

Bike Or Run To Work

By giving yourself just a little extra travel time, you can transform your daily routine and maximize your fitness potential. Both running and cycling are great for cardiovascular endurance, and the challenge of putting in the miles on top of a full work day will push you past the limits of what you’re currently capable of doing.

Workout Breaks

Throughout your work day, take some time to step away from your desk and bang out some reps. Doing so can help to get the blood flowing and keep your body in a state of readiness. If you don’t have access to any equipment, get creative! Push-ups and sit-ups are always something you can’t do enough of, and you could also do a few runs up and down the stairwell.

Morning & Evening Exercise

Pick an exercise to do at home right before you go to bed, allowing you to expend the remaining vestiges of the day’s energy before you hit the hay. Then choose another one to kick your daily fitness training off when you get up in the morning. Again, push-ups and sit-ups are always good, as are chin-ups or a few yoga poses.