There’s no doubt that CrossFit is living up to its reputation as a fun and challenging way to work out, not to mention the fact that it gets results. So what’s the secret? What makes this system of fitness training so effective? Of course, there are many reasons why we see a continuous stream of new people showing up in our our Hampton CrossFit gym. But what makes them stay? Scalable workouts have a lot to do with it.

A Challenge For Everybody

The beauty of our fitness workouts is that they’re scalable. What that means is, the intensity of any given exercise can be made easier or harder by adding weight, resistance bands, or performing the task on an incline, to name just a few of the methods. No matter what level of physical fitness you may be at, our coaches can scale a workout for anybody from pregnant women to top competitors.

Keeping It Safe, But Challenging

Perhaps one of the more attractive features of CrossFit is that there’s an endless variety of exercises to keep your workouts fresh and engaging. It is the job of our fitness coaches to make sure that each activity we do in our Hampton gym provides a good challenge for every member to push against. However, you coach will also scale your workout to ensure that you’re not going to hurt yourself in the process. We want you to work hard enough to sweat and feel the burn, but not so hard that you’re overextending yourself.

With the support of our expert fitness coaches, you’ll be able to carry out challenging and rewarding workouts. Contact CrossFit Stimulus today to get started!