A. Partner WOD:

Each partner completes one full round and rests while the other partner completes his/her round
10 Rounds (5 rounds each):
10-15 Pullups
15 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
15/10 Assault Bike Calories

B. 100 Partner Med Ball Situps (50 each)
100 Partner Med Ball Twists (50 each)


A. Squat clean 3×5 @70% – Drop and reset each rep

B. 5 Rounds
20 CTB pull-ups
20 Shoulder to OH 115/75lbs

Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose TWO of the following:

C. AMRAP 12 minutes
7 Unbroken sumo DLHP 115/75lbs
7 Unbroken kipping HSPU
If you have to break either movement in any set, rest 1 minute.

D. 4 Rounds
75 Assault Bike calories
Rest 2 minutes

E. Overhead squat
3×10 AHAP

F. 5×10 Overhand axel bar deadlift AHAP – must be unbroken touch and go
Rest 1 minute between sets