Along your fitness journey, there is the natural ebb and flow of things — as a new crossfitter in the beginning, you are stoked. You dive wildly into multiple classes a week and tweak your nutrition. Eventually, the newness wears off and you settle into your CrossFit gym and learn the intricacies of the front squat and how to do a muscle up. After spending many hours in the gym training, sometimes you go through the motions just to get your workout in. So, where do you go from here?

If getting sweaty in a 15,000 square foot facility and building community sounds enticing to you, CrossFit Stimulus is your training place in the Hampton area. Your training can often plateau and we’re here to keep you interested and motivated. Join us in today’s post as we tackle how to stay motivated in the gym.

Fitness Motivation

Motivation is a skill that only you can develop and CrossFit can give you tools, but it’s up to you to figure out what you need in your personal health and wellness journey. So, how do you stay motivated? Below are small tips to consider when your motivation takes a dive.

Set and review your goals.

Think back to when you first began CrossFit, what had you interested? Did you start to gain strength or lose fat? Perhaps you wanted to be able to perform a pull-up or suffer through a WOD without stopping. Now, set new goals. Think about what you want to accomplish in the next month, six months, and one year mark, and write them down. Review how you’re going to get there and what you’ll need to put in to do so.

Consider the progress you have made.

It’s easy to become frustrated with where your at and completely forget the small changes that have come as a result of your hard work. What’s become better? Do you have better sleep quality, energy levels, less stress, clearer skin, or less bloated? These are all things that greatly impact your quality of life that are often overlooked. What may not always translate to progress in the gym, may be advantageous for you in other ways.

Shake things up!

It never hurts to keep things interesting in the gym. Try supplementing a WOD with yoga or Brazilian jiu-jitsu — what’s important in the long run is that you’re staying healthy and active, all while trying and learning new things.

Come back to your “why” of things.

In all the hustle and bustle of eating healthy and training hard, it’s easy to lose your “why.” Reconnect with why you are still showing up. Is it the community? Is it helping new CrossFitters learn techniques? There may be many reasons why you still show up, so remember why.

Finding motivation and digging deep can be tough so pause and consider reflecting on your goals, the progress you’ve made, doing new things, and coming back to why you doing CrossFit in the first place.

To keep your fitness interesting, we feature many options including mobility, gymnastics, and yoga for a different, unique approach to CrossFit. For more information, connect with us today!