Stimulus 6-Week Lifestyle CHALLENGE
September 19 – October 30

Kick-off Meeting: Wednesday, September 14th @ 7:30PM
Additional Information Meeting: Wednesday, September 21st @ 7:30PM
Last Day to sign up for the challenge is Wednesday, September 21st!!

This Fall’s Lifestyle Challenge is designed to bring clean eating, regular exercise and weight loss goals back to front and center. It’s for anyone that could use a little extra inspiration (to go with their perspiration) to get their plate back in shape and recommit to their 4-5 WODs each week. We believe that if you refocus for the next 6 weeks on the areas mentioned below, that you will see amazing and measurable results that will motivate you to stay laser focused on your goals for the rest of 2016. And you’ve got a team of Coaches that are so excited to help you do WEIT – What Ever It Takes to get there!

Goals Of The Challenge:  Eat mostly whole foods, eat 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, consume protein with every meal & snack, drink 80oz+ of plain water daily, avoid processed carbohydrates & sugars, exercise 4-5 times weekly, increase lean muscle & strength, reduce body fat, and increase stamina & endurance.

How To Sign Up:

*Pay $49 sign up fee- SIGN UP ON HONOR SYSTEM SHEET
*Attend Kick Off Meeting Wed. September 14th at 7:30pm!
*Get weighed & measured before September 20th
*Get your Custom Macros Calculations & track in My Fitness Pal
*Clear your house of tempting foods so you can be READY!


The goal of the challenge is to refocus every member on the daily habits that are necessary to get the results that they want. Specifically, eat clean, train often and hard, and track your results.

The challenge will be scored by points accumulated in the following 4 ways:

1. WORKOUTS– Two points for each checked in workout- Max of 10 points per week.
One point for a 10 minute or more mobility session (log what you did on point sheet)- Max one point per day and 5 points for the week.

2. NUTRITION– There are five possible points to earn each day for Nutrition. You will submit your points online at the end of each week. Each day award yourself with one point for each of the following:

1 Point- LOG your food daily with our online weekly food log (everything you eat!)
1 Point- CONSUME three meals and two snacks each day
1 Point- PROTEIN- Eat protein at every meal and snack- 5 Times Daily
1 Point- CARBS- No breads, pasta, sugar, alcohol or processed carbohydrates (rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes are ok in moderation)
1 Point- WATER- Drink 80oz+ of plain water daily

3. BODY MEASURMENTS & WEIGHT– Before and after measurements will be done and one point will be awarded for every inch lost in the chest, waist, hips, thighs & arms. Weigh-ins will be done and a point earned for every percentage point of body fat that is lost from your total body weight.

Example: If athlete A weighs in at the beginning of the challenge at 200, and loses 20 pounds his score will be (20/200 = .10) = 10% or 10 points added. If athlete B weighs in at the beginning of the challenge at 150 and loses 10 pounds her score will be (10/150 = .0666) = 6.7% or 6.7 points added.

4. BENCHMARK WODS– Each athlete will complete 2 benchmark workouts at the start and finish of the challenge. The total number of seconds that you shave off of your time or number of reps you add, is the number of points that will be added to your score.

EXTRA POINTS: Extra points will be added to your final score for the following activities.

Before & After Photo- a quality full body image of you taken in the same location with the same clothing both before and after the challenge.- 5 Points.

Social Media Photo Sharing to Facebook/Instagram- Post an action shot on your personal page and the Stimulus Members Page of workouts, healthy eats, progress photos, etc. & Tag @crossfitstimulus. One point. Max one per week, 6 total.

PRIZES:  Now for the best part! First every person wins with improved health, healthy new habits, and a body that looks better naked than it did at the start!

3 Prize Categories:

Highest Points Overall– The athlete at the end of the challenge with the highest point total of: % of bodyweight lost + total inches lost + total WODs checked in + total nutrition + seconds taken off benchmark times + extra points = TOTAL   Prize: One Month Free Membership + Pair of Nano 6.0s + Qalo Ring

Highest % Weight + Inches Lost– The athlete that loses the highest percentage of body weight plus total of inches lost.    Prize: One Month Free Membership + Bag of SFH Pure Protein + Qalo Ring

Best Benchmark Improvement- The athlete that reduces their time the most in the benchmark workouts.    Prize: One Month Free Membership + Bag Of SFH Pure Protein + Qalo Ring



  • Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks containing protein everyday and aim to hit your protein macros and never go over in carbs or fats.
  • Never, ever skip breakfast! Your metabolism does not start until you eat so break the fast of the night (hence break fast) early and you will shed body-fat.
  • Flush your system with plain water- shoot for 100 ounces+ daily
  • If it wasn’t once living, don’t eat it! Yes, that’s the pasta, bread and hot dogs!
  • Eat whole foods-These include meats (ideally grass-fed or free range), vegetables, nuts & seeds, healthy fats and fruit. These do not come from the freezer or in a box!
  • Eat mostly meats and greens and little carbs- choose healthy carbs like fruits, rice, sweet potatoes- and always eat way more veggies than carbs!
  • Plan your meals ahead for the week! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don’t wait until your appetite is raging to choose your dinner! Plan out your breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the week and have the stuff at home ready to go!
  • Exercise 4-5 times a week, no matter what! Make your exercise a priority on your calendar just like any other appointment.
  • Turn up the intensity on your workouts! Yes, this means less rest during WODs and choose the heavier weight when you can do so with good form. You get out of every WOD exactly what you put in. Ask yourself, do you give 100% of everything you’ve got to get every rep you can with the best form possible? Try it and the results will absolutely hunt you down!
  • Succeed in your mind first. Anything that has ever happened in this world has happened in someone’s mind first. Every building, every car, every barbell, every Assault Bike and every bumper plate! So visualize yourself lean with the body you want! Picture your shirt tucked in your work pants with your new slim waist, picture your belt size going down a notch, imagine sitting at your desk without the discomfort of your stomach pushing against your pants. Imagine those burpees with your tight abs launching you up off the floor! What the mind can conceive, you can achieve! Dream Big!

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