Sunday Funday: OPEN GYM 12:30PM-2:30PM

WOD Options

Option 1:
20 Slamballs or Side to Side Medball Slams
15 Box Jumps
10 Ring Rows
100m Run OR 0:20 Row or Bike Sprint

Option 2:
Sandbaggin’ It:
5 Rounds:
200m* Sandbag Run
200m* Run
Rest 1:00-1:30

*Modify to 100m if desired

Option 3:
Endurance (For Distance or Cal)

Row, Bike, Ski, or Run

8-10 Rounds:
60 Seconds “Light”
60 Seconds “Work!”
30 Seconds Rest

The “Light” pace should be something sustainable, but not too easy!  The “Work!” pace should be difficult and pretty hard to do…Use the 30 second rest + the 60 sec light pace to recover and be ready to “Work!” again.

Option 4:
Light Recovery/Cardio Work:
(This will be a new addition to Sunday work.  Every workout you do does NOT need to and should NOT always be soul crushing, laying on the floor barely alive killer workouts.  Low intensity workouts have great benefits when added to a rigorous program.  Lower intensity workouts are a good developer of the heart muscle and will help your fitness and health in the long run!)

20-30min Row, Bike, or Run at normal, sustainable pace. Every 2 minutes, stop and do 5-10 Pushups + 5-10 V-ups or Alternating leg V-ups.  If outside and you don’t want to lay on the ground, do 10 Spiderman Abs each side (Remain in plank position after pushups and then bring your  knee to your elbow)


Option 1:
Stimulus Core Crush
4-5 Rounds:
0:10 Hollow Hold
0:10 Arch/Superman Hold
0:10 L-Sit at hardest difficulty
10 V-ups w/ Abmat between feet

Option 2:
50-100 Russian Situps*
*At the top of every situp, do a Medball or DB Russian Twist