OPEN GYM 1pm-3pm Today!

Need suggestions?

  • Do a workout or strength piece you missed this past week.
  • Work on some mobility that you always say you are going to work on but “never have time” =)  It will benefit your future workouts!
  • Work on Double Unders!
  • Do this week’s or a previous week’s Summer Shred CORE workout–the whole thing!
  • Do today’s Sunday Funday workout:

Sunday Funday WOD

Beach Muscles #1

Buy In: 30-50 AbMat Situps

5 Rounds:
15 Bench Press (135/95)(115/80)(95/65)*
500m Row

Cash out: 30-50 AbMat Situps

*Does not need to be done unbroken–can re-rack the weight, rest and then continue.  Be sure your form is on point and don’t let yourself go to failure.  Safety first when benching!  Weight should be light enough to do the first 2 rounds unbroken or resetting the bar only once.