Six Pack Sunday!  OPEN GYM 12:30PM – 2:30PM


Option 1.

“Sunday Endurance”* (WOD Credit Miranda Oldroyd Street Parking)

FIRST, Row or Bike 20 min at a consistent pace.  Smooth.


If you Rowed: Do 5 x 200m Sprints with 1 min rest between each sprint (5 x 200 means 5 sets of 200m)

If you Assault Biked: Do 5 sets of 7 Cal for Men or 5 Cal for Women with 1 min rest between each sprint.
If you Airdyne Biked: Do 5 sets of 12 Cal for Men or 8 Cal for Women with 1 min rest between each sprint.

Note: The 20 min pace is something that is uncomfortable but very sustainable. The goal is to fatigue you but not completely drain you.  Then, after the longer portion, the goal of the sprints  is to teach your body how to switch back to those fast twitch muscle fibers!  Enjoy!!! =)

Option 2.

5k Row for Time

Option 3.

“Rowing Madness”
500m Row
50 Situps
500m Row
40 Box Step Ups/Jumps
500m Row
30 Slamballs
500m Row
20 Jump Squats (watch form! squat down like a regular air squat–heels down, then explode up and land back in your heels)
500m Row
10 Burpees


Option 1:

Try to complete an entire round before resting:

0:15-0:20 Hollow Hold
Then without coming out of plank, if possible:
10 Plank-ups (5 each side)*
0:15- 0:20 Plank (elbows or hands)
0:10 Right Side Plank
0:10 Left Side Plank
0:15- 0:20 Plank
Repeat 2-3 rounds

(Plank-up: start in plank on hands, hands directly under shoulders, and go down to both elbows, starting with right arm for 5 then left arm for 5…all while maintaining a tight core!…can modify to knees if needed)

Option 2:

Stimulus Core Crush
4-5 Rounds:
0:10 Hollow Hold
0:10 Arch/Superman Hold
0:10 L-Sit at hardest difficulty
10 V-ups w/ Abmat between feet

Option 3:

75 Anchored Situps: Anchor your feet under heavy dumbbells