Six- Pack Sunday!

Open Gym 12:30PM-2:30PM


2 Cal Row/Bike/Ski/Double Under
2 Burpees
4 Cal Row/Bike/Ski/Double Under
4 Burpees
Choose one Stimulus (row, bike, ski, jump rope) and stick to it throughout the entire workout!


4-5 Rounds
Row 500m or Bike 25/18 Calories Assault Bike
Rest 1:1

*So, if it takes you 2:07 to row 500m, rest 2:07 and start again.  Record your split times.  See how consistent you can remain across all 4-5 rounds!


Do yesterday’s “Core Crush” if you weren’t here


50-100 AbMat Adductor Situps : Plant your feet firmly on the floor and Hold a medball between your knees, then do your situps.  Rest as needed!  If you are new to this exercise, stick with only 50!

And Just For Fun:
“Biceps By Nicole #1”

30-50 Empty bar bicep curls, slow and controlled, in as few sets as possible.  Full extension at the bottom and squeeze biceps at the top.                Hold your core strong and tight, no swinging or cheat reps!!
30-50 Supinated grip (underhand) ring rows

Must complete first exercise before going on to the second.