1. How Group Exercise Can Work For You

    For a lot of people, working out can seem daunting. A lot of pressure is placed on self-motivation that many can’t muster up on their own. In these situations, we recommend group classes. What can a group exercise class do for you? We’re going to break down some of the benefits you stand to gain…Read More

  2. Building Respiratory Endurance

    If you’ve ever found yourself short of breath and struggling to perform during a workout, you may need to improve your respiratory endurance. A big part of your success in the physically intense realm of CrossFit training depends on your ability to consume oxygen. Respiratory endurance refers to t…Read More

  3. Sore After Crossfit?

    For first-time CrossFit members, and some more experienced members, feeling sore is not uncommon. While it may not feel great, it is the feeling of progress, and your body will become accustom to your new workout routine, and being taken out of its comfort zone. Why You Are Sore Crossfit is intense.…Read More

  4. 3 Core Crossfit Safety Tips

    Crossfit is a great way to transform your body, while having fun at the same time. You will make friends, build muscle, and learn a lot about fitness. But just like any activity there are certain guidelines you should follow when introducing your body to your new routine. While there are plenty of p…Read More

  5. Top 4 Reasons To Do CrossFit

    By now you have heard of CrossFit, you probably know someone that has joined us and now you are wondering if you should join. Obviously we are big fans of the workout, and strongly believe in the results, but to help you decide whether or not you should come to our Hampton, VA CrossFit Gym here are …Read More

  6. 3 Reasons To Include Sports Massage In Your CrossFit Routine

    We all know that CrossFit training is meant to push you hard in order to obtain tremendous gains. Once your workout is over though, it is a good idea to rejuvenate so you can outperform during your next round of training. One good way to get yourself prepared is Sports Massage, and here are 3 reason…Read More

  7. Exploring the Paleo Nutrition Plan

    Previously in our blog, we discussed some different helpful CrossFit tips for beginners. If you read our blog, you will probably remember that we mentioned the importance of nutrition.While there are several nutrition options available to you, one popular nutrition plan that almost everyone has hear…Read More

  8. Give CrossFit in Hampton a Try!

    Are you looking to change your life for the better? No matter what your goals are, we are certain that you can commit to them and make a positive change that will not only change your physical appearance, but your mental toughness for the better. At CrossFit Stimulus we can help you reach those goal…Read More

  9. Better your Athleticism with CrossFit in Hampton

    If you are like most CrossFitters out there, then you read the CrossFit Journal. The CrossFit Journal is filled with an endless amount of great articles and videos about CrossFit. One article that we read was about Functional Fighting, and how the correlation between CrossFit and martial arts has im…Read More