1. Why You Should Add A Sports Massage To Your Routine

    At CrossFit Stimulus, we believe in catering to every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Sports Massages promote targeted care for your body that can greatly improve the performance of serious athletes. Today, we will discuss why dedicated athletes should implement sports massages into their fitness rou…Read More

  2. Top 4 Reasons To Do CrossFit

    By now you have heard of CrossFit, you probably know someone that has joined us and now you are wondering if you should join. Obviously we are big fans of the workout, and strongly believe in the results, but to help you decide whether or not you should come to our Hampton, VA CrossFit Gym here are …Read More

  3. 3 Reasons To Include Sports Massage In Your CrossFit Routine

    We all know that CrossFit training is meant to push you hard in order to obtain tremendous gains. Once your workout is over though, it is a good idea to rejuvenate so you can outperform during your next round of training. One good way to get yourself prepared is Sports Massage, and here are 3 reason…Read More