Do you have New Year’s resolutions to get healthy? Find out what can keep you from them.

The new year comes with a host of resolutions, mostly committed to our fitness and body goals — and let’s be honest, the last couple of months have been full of packing in all the treats possible. With various holidays sandwiched into these past few months, it’s no wonder we aren’t at our best. Ans, what does the new year bring? Eating healthier and sticking to a workout routine? These two factors alone will help you accomplish your goals, but there is one sneaky saboteur that’s waiting to disrupt your goals.

At CrossFit Stimulus, we encourage everyone to start their health and wellness journey no matter what time of year! If you’re ready to set goals and work towards a new healthier you, our CrossFit gym and community is just the place for you. Join us in today’s post as we venture into a single thing that can compromise your fitness goals.

Alcohol Can Disrupt Your Fitness Goals

All the healthy eating and exercising won’t undo the effects of alcohol! If you have a specific goal — say it’s to lose 20 pounds or build five pounds of muscle — alcohol doesn’t play a role in getting you there.

So, what does alcohol do to prevent you from achieving your fitness goals?  

It’s true, alcohol helps us de-stress from a long day of work and helps break the ice in social situations, but alcohol is also a toxin. It is metabolized at a rate of about one ounce per 90 minutes — a small amount is first absorbed through the bloodstream, then into the small intestines, and finally through the liver where it is processed. It may seem that alcohol is absorbed and metabolized pretty quickly, but only if you’re having one beer, one shot, or one mixed drink in that 90-minute period. Most people tend to back the bubbly in higher consumptions, which leads to the tipsy and then drunk status.

Why Does Alcohol Affect Fitness Goals?

Regular and consistent consumption (the weekly glass or two of wine doesn’t hurt) of alcohol is what will put your fitness goals on the backburner. Below are just some of the ways it’ll impact the hard work you’re putting in.

Weight Gain

Alcohol contains about nine calories per gram and it is just additional calories that add up. A couple of nights of drinking can easily stifle what you’re doing in the gym and you certainly won’t begin to see any results, and that is so frustrating. The calories also get stored as glycogen and can’t be accessed in your workouts, so all of the extra calories are stored away as fat.


Part of a good fitness routine is not only the fitness but the resting and recovery — after all, your body needs a moment to repair and then build itself back up. When you consume alcohol regularly this impedes on your sleep, and in your sleep is where your body recovers best. If you’ve ever experienced being wide awake at 3 am after a night of drinking, it’s the alcohol you can blame.

Alcohol becomes an issue in your fitness when you consume it on a regular basis. This regularity can result in a weight plateau or weight gain and impact the manner in which your body recovers. There are many other ways in which alcohol disrupts your workout, so stay tuned for part two!

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