17039196_10212252204038609_8154675196944658734_oTomorrow night!!  This week’s “Friday Night Lights” theme is “WODS & WINGS” (and Margaritas!)  Join us to work out and/or hang out!

A. Turkish Get up Skill Work
20-30 Reps or 1/2 Turkish Get-ups x 2
If form is sound with a DB or KB, try a barbell!

B. “Thirsty Thursday”
4 Rounds:

40s Work, 20s Rest:
1. Row, Ski Erg, or Bike
2. Active Plank Hold
3. Row, Ski Erg, or Bike (do something different than #1 if possible)
4. AbMat or Barbell Situps
5. Russian KBS
Rest 1 minute after each full round