1. Longevity in Fitness

    How sustainable is your crossfit training?   If you’ve heard of the weightlifting grandma, Willie Murphy often comes to mind. Well into her 80s, she has a training routine that most Americans stand in awe at, and the most inspiring thing about is her philosophy about it. She’s not training for …Read More

  2. Exercising in Ketosis: Should You Do It?

    Keto is a great way to kickstart your health, yet is it possible to exercise while doing it? Over the last couple of posts, we’ve examined the keto diet and uncovered its benefits and its place in health and wellness. Let’s recall, keto focuses on a high carb/low fat intake and takes your body f…Read More

  3. Why Keto? (Part Two)

    We’re a couple months into the new year, and we’ll continue to navigate the keto diet here! Keto. The ketogenic diet. Ketosis. A high-fat, low-carb (HFLC) diet goes by many names, but how are you feeling about the whole thing? In part one, we began to navigate keto and looked into its developmen…Read More

  4. Why Keto? (Part One)

    You’ve likely seen an uptick in the new year of everything keto. We’ll break it down here! The ketogenic diet — keto for short —  has been buzzing as the new tried and true way to optimal weight loss. And while there are many facets to explore when it comes to being keto, many people and a …Read More

  5. The One Thing Will Sabotage Your Fitness Goals (Part One)

    Do you have New Year’s resolutions to get healthy? Find out what can keep you from them. The new year comes with a host of resolutions, mostly committed to our fitness and body goals — and let’s be honest, the last couple of months have been full of packing in all the treats possible. With var…Read More

  6. Workout Intensity

    Learning to control and gauge the intensity in your CrossFit workout will help keep you safe and injury-free in the long-run. There is no question about it — CrossFit does a great job of marketing themselves and spurring others into joining their sport. If you’ve seen the inspiring movies such a…Read More

  7. Crossfit Nutrition Pro Tips

    Ready to up your performance? Turn to these nutrients!   Exercise, albeit a beneficial one, is a stressor and Crossfit in general demands a great deal out of our bodies. Whether we are working on Olympic lifts or completing a WOD in record time, supporting our bodies through all of it is imperative…Read More

  8. Staying Motivated

    Along your fitness journey, there is the natural ebb and flow of things — as a new crossfitter in the beginning, you are stoked. You dive wildly into multiple classes a week and tweak your nutrition. Eventually, the newness wears off and you settle into your CrossFit gym and learn the intricacies …Read More

  9. Just Say No To Chronic Disease

    American citizens are in crisis. With more than half of the US population, half of the population, living with a chronic disease, this is creating a dangerous cycle contributing to higher health care costs and a population of extremely sick people. This reality is one experts have been trying to com…Read More

  10. Weight Training for Seniors

    As we get older — there is no denying it — our bodies age, but there are preventive measures we can take, and exercise is just one of them. Consistent exercise is arguably more beneficial for the senior age group because it helps combat chronic disease and lowers the risk of injury that often co…Read More