1. Cold And Flu Wellness Tips For Athletes

    Because training when you’re sick is never ideal! Cold and flu season can swiftly take people out — and when you’re out, this means less time is focused on your training and CrossFit comp preparation. So, the moral of the story is to take preventative action now, so you can better give your bo…Read More

  2. How To Train For Your First Crossfit Competition (Part Two)

    Take Crossfit seriously, but not too seriously!   In our first post, we began diving into how to make the most out of your training as you go into your first Crossfit competition to which we mentioned having fun in your training, upping your nutrition, and getting serious about mobility and recover…Read More

  3. How To Train For Your First Crossfit Competition (Part One)

    Because we all want to be the Fittest On Earth!   Did the recent 2019 Crossfit Games inspire you? Whether it was watching the ultimate beast mode of Matt Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey take first place and being crowned as The Fittest On Earth or watching the other Crossfit Games athletes go into the…Read More

  4. 5 Reasons To Try Crossfit Today!

    Hey you! You too can do Crossfit!   Crossfit is ever-evolving — in its infancy, it was touted as dangerous and unsafe, and as functional movements and exercise have been more accepted, Crossfit is a great way to get fit.    When you pave the way, the pioneer gets a brunt of the backlash and tha…Read More

  5. Add The Great Outdoors To Your Training For a Breath of Fresh Air

    It’s the season of sun and warmth, so take your CrossFit training from the gym to the outdoors!   As we’re officially able to wave goodbye to the winter and the cold, dark, dreary days it had, the warmer seasons holds us and beckon us to soak in the rays and get outside.   If you’ve felt coo…Read More

  6. Longevity in Fitness

    How sustainable is your crossfit training?   If you’ve heard of the weightlifting grandma, Willie Murphy often comes to mind. Well into her 80s, she has a training routine that most Americans stand in awe at, and the most inspiring thing about is her philosophy about it. She’s not training for …Read More

  7. Exercising in Ketosis: Should You Do It?

    Keto is a great way to kickstart your health, yet is it possible to exercise while doing it? Over the last couple of posts, we’ve examined the keto diet and uncovered its benefits and its place in health and wellness. Let’s recall, keto focuses on a high carb/low fat intake and takes your body f…Read More

  8. Why Keto? (Part Two)

    We’re a couple months into the new year, and we’ll continue to navigate the keto diet here! Keto. The ketogenic diet. Ketosis. A high-fat, low-carb (HFLC) diet goes by many names, but how are you feeling about the whole thing? In part one, we began to navigate keto and looked into its developmen…Read More

  9. Why Keto? (Part One)

    You’ve likely seen an uptick in the new year of everything keto. We’ll break it down here! The ketogenic diet — keto for short —  has been buzzing as the new tried and true way to optimal weight loss. And while there are many facets to explore when it comes to being keto, many people and a …Read More