By now you have heard of CrossFit, you probably know someone that has joined us and now you are wondering if you should join. Obviously we are big fans of the workout, and strongly believe in the results, but to help you decide whether or not you should come to our Hampton, VA CrossFit Gym here are 4 reasons we think you will love Cross Fit.

Burn Calories – One of the biggest reasons that people start our CrossFit training is because of how many calories it burns. While an average workout is short, it is so intense that you will continue burning calories long after your WOD is completed. This means that you will watch the fat burn away in no time.

Up Endurance – Because of the cardiovascular intensity of CrossFit workouts, your heart rate stays elevated throughout the entire workout. This extended cardiovascular workout will increase your endurance, allowing you to go longer during your other favorite activities.

Friends – Once you step into our gym you become family. CrossFit is inherently community focused and we love to see you succeed. We love a bit of friendly competition and want you on our team. Come in once and you will know you belong.

Fun – Our WOD’s are always changing, ensuring that you won’t become bored with a stale workout routine. All of our workouts are customizable, making CrossFit accessible to all ability levels. Because the workout is fun and communal, it is easy to get motivated to exercise.

Come down to CrossFit Stimulus, Hampton, Virginias favorite gym for a fun and energetic workout. We also offer sports massage and yoga for a well-rounded workout regimen.