Today’s workout will be “Open” Style and you will be judging a fellow athlete in your class.  No “Bro” reps!  These 3 WODs will count as the 6 week Challenge WODs and must be completed by all athletes in the challenge.

“Stimulus Triple”

WOD 1:

1:00 of Max Pull-ups/Jumping Chest to bar Pull-ups/Ring Rows.

Regular Pull-ups: Chin must be clearly over the bar for regular pull-ups.

For Jumping pull-ups:  Chest must make physical contact with the pull-up bar.  Pull-up bar must be 6″ above the top of the athlete’s head at the start.  Arms must be fully extended at the bottom.

Ring Rows:  You will stand straight and lower the rings until the top of the ring is at the line of shoulder. Your heels will remain directly below the rings and legs will be straight.  Full extension of elbows at the bottom, and rings or palms (not wrists) must touch the chest.

WODs 2+3:

In 12 Minutes:

Run 800m*

Then, in the remaining time, AMRAP:
5 Burpees
5 Thrusters (105/75)(85/55)(65/35)

This WOD will have 2 separate scores.  The first score will be your 800m Run score.  The second score will be your total number of reps of Burpees and Thrusters.

*If you are unable to run, you can sub a 800m Row


A. Clean and Jerk
5×3 Squat Clean and Jerk at 80% – no TnG

B. Overhead Squat
1 set of 10 Overhead Squats

C. Front Squat
5×5 Front Squat at 80% across

D. Strength Conditioning
5 rounds NOT for time of:*
Max Rep Bench Press, Bodyweight
Max rep unbroken C2B Pull ups
No rest between movements, 3 minute rest between rounds