A. EMOM 10

1 Low Hang Snatch (Power or Squat) @ 75-85% of your heaviest from last week.  Make

these reps as technically sound as possible.

B. AMRAP 6 minutes

6 OHS 95/65



A. Pause Low Hang Snatch 4×1 @90-100% – If they feel smooth go for a small PR, then move on. If not stay around 90-95%

B. Snatch 10×1 @75-85% of weight you worked up to from the low hang.

Time to get some practice reps in from the floor before finding a max next week during Cycle 2 test week. The entire reason we spent this long from these positions is so we’re ready to hit them perfectly as the bar transitions from the floor to the low hang, and on to power position. Be smooth and technical on these 10 reps. Save the big weight for next week.

C. AMRAP 6 minutes

6 OHS 135/95lbs

6 Strict HSPU

D. Find your 3RM strict weighted pull-up