A. Low Hang Snatch 5 x 3 @70-80% of best technically sound rep you did last week (Power or Snatch)

B.  3 Rounds
15 Front squats 95/65
15 Lateral bar burpees


A. Work up to ONE heavy set of 3 deadlifts .  The goal is to lift 10-20lbs more than week 1 depending on difficulty moving through the past three weeks.

B. Pause low hang snatch 6×3 @70-80% of the last technically sound rep you hit last week – Drop, reset, and perform a perfect snatch DL between each rep.

C. 4 Rounds
Run 1200m
Rest 3 minutes

Then, depending on your weaknesses, choose ONE of the following:

D1. 3 Rounds
15 Front squats 135/95lbs
15 Lateral bar burpees

D2. EMOM until failure
2 Weighted strict pull-ups*
*Start with no weight and work up by 5/2.5lbs each minute