A. Strict Press 5×5: *Rest 2-3 minutes between sets. All 5 sets should be the same weight. Go heavier than last time—does NOT need to be a lot heavier—2-5 lb is fine—this is part of a strength cycle so you will be increasing weight as long as you can.

B. 7 Min AMRAP*

10 Burpees
10 KBS (53/35)

* This WOD will be done “Open Style” like Monday’s WOD. There will be two heats and you will be judging, counting, and recording reps for another athlete in the class. This is also the second Nutrition Challenge Benchmark WOD–Be sure to come in and give it your best!

C. Extra Credit: 50-75 Med Ball AbMat Situps


A. Strict Press 5×5

B. For time:

Power Clean, 135/95
Directly into…
Hang Power Clean, 135/95
Ring Dip

C. EMOMx8:
Odd: 20/16 Calorie Row
Even: 5 C2B Pull ups + 7 Push ups + 9 Box Jumps, 24/20
Rest 2 minutes
Odd: 20/16 Calorie Row
Even: 5 C2B Pull ups + 7 Push ups + 9 Box Jumps, 24/20

1. Clean
EMOMx7: 3-position Squat Clean
Pos. 1: From the Pockets
Pos. 2: From the knees
Pos. 3: From the ground

2. Squat
1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
1×10 Back Squat, Heavy
1x1Back Squat, Heavy
1×20 Back Squat, Heavy
1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
1x30Back Squat, Heavy
The goal is to hit a heavy/max lift on each set. After completing your first single there are no more warm up reps between sets – only do six sets. If you miss a lift, note the number of successful reps and move on to the next set. Rest as needed between sets.

3. Conditioning
6 rounds of:
Min 1: 12/10 Cal Ski Erg
Min 2: 15/12 Cal Assault Bike
Min 3: 18/15 Calorie Row
Min 4: 50 Double unders
Min 5: 200m Run

4. Midline Accessory Work
A. 3×20 Weighted Sit ups
B. 3×20 Weighted Hip Extensions