A. “Christine” — Compare to 1/18

3 Rounds of
500m row
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts*
21 Box Jumps/Step-ups

*Please weigh-in before the WOD.  You will have time to warm up for this WOD and choose an appropriate weight. If not your bodyweight, consider 1/2-3/4 of your bodyweight.  You last did this WOD on January 18th.  If your weight has not changed, use the same weight you used on 1/18.  If it has changed, modify the weight accordingly.  All athletes will be judging each other for this WOD!

**Nutrition Challengers: These will be last “Benchmark” WOD so be sure to make it in today and do your best!  If you can’t make it, be sure to talk to a coach about making it up this week!

B. Extra Credit Work Post WOD: 8 x 15-20sec L-sits (box, parallelette, hanging from bar, or rings)


A. For time:
15 Power Cleans
15 Push Jerks
12 Power Cleans
12 Push Jerks
9 Power Cleans
9 Push Jerks
Men: 155 lbs.
Women: 105 lbs.

BAlternating OTM x 20:
Odd – 5 Deadlifts
Even – 15 Box Jumps (24/20)
Start light on the barbell and add weight every round.

C. 50 Strict Handstand Pushups for time – find a consistent pace.