As we get older — there is no denying it — our bodies age, but there are preventive measures we can take, and exercise is just one of them. Consistent exercise is arguably more beneficial for the senior age group because it helps combat chronic disease and lowers the risk of injury that often comes in the form of falls. Weight training is particularly advantageous for seniors because it helps seniors gain strength to support themselves and help them through everyday obstacles.

Fitness, especially strength training, is crucial for everyone. It helps us lift our carry-on luggage overhead on airplanes and allows us to safely take three flights of stairs. At Crossfit Stimulus, we want everyone to live their daily lives effortlessly and with strength. Sometimes, it takes a little more work and extra concentration, but fitness for seniors is possible and available at our facility. Learn more about weight training for seniors in today’s post.

Why Seniors Should Incorporate Weight Training

Imagine not being able to live in a multi-level home because you don’t have the mobility to move up and down stairs, or have trouble doing laundry because bending over and getting clothes from a top-loading washing machine is just too much work. Not being able to move throughout your day with ease can cause strain, quickly disrupt your quality of life, and ultimately, make it harder to live independently. But, what if functional movement and strength training could help combat and prepare you to live more vibrantly in your aging body, would you try it?   

Getting to senior status is an accomplishment in and of itself, and to live a full and abundant life independently, strength training is a preventative way to do so!

Strength training for seniors assists the aging body by helping to manage age-related muscle loss, support bone health, promote mobility, reduce stress and depression, and assist in keeping the mind sharp!

What Are the Best Strength Exercises For Seniors?

Functional movement is the guiding pillar of Crossfit, and for seniors, being able to stay independent longer is the long-term goal. As a senior, it’s important to work with one of our trainers for proper lifting form and for feedback on your lifting technique to ensure that you don’t injure yourself. Many times, body weight exercises are a great place to begin. Below are the best movements that will help older people maneuver their everyday lives.


Squats are extremely important, because think about it, you squat to sit down and get up from chairs and the toilet, which are both hugely important. Maintaining strength in your quads will give you the ability to do basic things, such as drive a car and stay mobile.

Overhead Press

This movement is advantageous because it gives you the freedom to put groceries away on higher shelves, use the overhead bin on an airplane, and offers shoulder stability.

Core Work

Whether you can do crunches or hollow rocks, having a strong core will make all the difference in the way you move and approach your day. A strong core helps stabilize the entire body by preventing falls and keeping you mobile.

Weight training is for seniors and can improve the quality of life and independence when done in a safe, supportive environment.

Curious about crossfit as a senior? Connect with us at Crossfit Stimulus today for more information!