If you’ve been in the CrossFit game for a while, you’ve probably heard the term “lactic acid” thrown around while you’re working out at the gym or participating in training sessions. You might be aware that it has something to do with exercise and fatigue, but may not know exactly where it comes from or what can be done with it. Here is a brief explanation of lactic acid from your Hampton CrossFit gym.

Your muscles require energy to expand, contract, and perform the tasks you demand of them during an intense workout session. That energy comes from the oxidation (sometimes referred to as “burning”) of glucose. This is a chemical reaction that takes place in your muscles, and its byproducts are pyruvate and lactic acid. Both are useful chemicals that can be processed by the liver. However, during extended periods of intense activity, the production of lactic acid can outstrip your body’s ability to metabolize it. When lactic acid builds up in your body’s muscles, fatigue beings to set in.

What’s more, lactic acid can remain in your muscles for extended periods after your workout, making it that much quicker to become fatigued during your next workout or competition. That’s where sports massage can really make a difference. By kneading and working your muscles, an experienced massage therapist can flush the residual lactic acid out, setting you up for greater endurance and performance the next time you want your body to provide intense bursts of energy. For this reason, sports massage is a crucial piece of the puzzle for any serious CrossFit competitor.

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