Training in the time of Coronavirus


As Coronavirus is sweeping the nation, it’s likely been on all your feeds — what did we even talk about before Coronavirus?! In response, the concept of social distancing has been asked of us. 


But what does social distancing mean for CrossFit and for our training?


At CrossFit Stimulus in Hampton, it’s important that all of our CrossFit athletes and fitness connoisseurs stay healthy and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Take a moment today, and take a look at what that might mean for you!

You don’t have to sacrifice fitness in a pandemic!


The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that most of the WODs can be completed at home or you can begin to develop a training program within your social distancing. Crossfit Stimulus is sturdy and unwavering, and we’ll figure out and help you adjust your goals as needed. 


Workouts and Training at Home


Make the best of what you have. And, although you may not have a full squat rack with the plates you need, rings for muscle-ups, or a sled to pull heavy things on, this is an amazing time to get creative! 


It’s amazing how far bodyweight exercises can go — focus on your pistol squat or make a Turkish get-up more challenging while holding laundry detergent (or a kettlebell if you have one!). 


If you’re on the hunt for some workouts you can do at home, we’ve compiled a whole page! Check out CrossFit workouts at home


YouTube is also an amazing resource for workouts, and if you’re home, get outside! Sprint on the track, go for a nice jog or hike, and soak in the sunshine for a natural dose of vitamin D. 


Staying Healthy in the Gym


While we continue to be thorough in keeping CrossFit Stimulus clean, there are some things you can do to help minimize the risk and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 


With that said, if you’re feeling a little under-the-weather or show symptoms at all, please stay home. This is not the time to power through a workout — this is a time to be respectful of the health of others and skip the gym. 


Here are some ways you can protect yourself while getting your sweat on!


Pack a Corona kit! 


While we’ll provide extra sanitation stations, pack your own kit. Throw in some hand sanitizer, and heck, if you love essential oils, pack some room spray with disinfectant tea tree, frankincense, or a thieves oil blend! 


Pack some extra workout goodies.


This is a no-brainer, but don’t share anything — bring your own water, and if you have it, bring your own chalk, and workout goodies. We even recommend bringing your own towels or yoga mat to use.


Anytime you use equipment, disinfect it. 


Did you use a barbell? Wipe it down. Dumbbell or kettlebell. Wipe it down. Anything you touch, you need to wipe down!


There are so many ways you can minimize your risk and stay healthy during the Coronavirus. For more information and updates on CrossFit Stimulus in Hampton, connect with us today!