While there’s no doubt that practicing yoga can have a plethora of positive physical effects, one often-overlooked advantage of yoga is what it can do for your mind. Hampton competitors training in CrossFit need to be at the top of their game, both physically and mentally, if they expect to make progress. Here’s how yoga can help you on an intellectual level.

Patience  Practicing yoga couldn’t be any more different than CrossFit training, and one major distinction is its pace. Yoga requires prolonged focus that you might not experience in a fast-paced CrossFit session. Being able to hold a difficult pose for an extended time teaches you to be patient as you focus all your energy on one task.

Calmness  There’s a lot to be learned from simply breathing deeply, in and out. Focusing on your breathing allows you to stay in a difficult yoga pose, no matter what your brain may be telling you. With practice, you’ll learn to tune out the negative voices that tell you, “I can’t do this”. Suppressing the urge to panic in a trying situation will definitely come to your aid during CrossFit workouts.

Better Mind-Body Connection  Yoga helps you to not only understand what’s happening in the body during your practice; it teaches you to feel it. When you’re more in tune with the strengths and limitations of your body, the more you know exactly what you’re capable of, helping you to avoid injury and expand the limits of your capabilities.

CrossFit Stimulus of Hampton offers a weekly yoga class to help you realize your full potential in CrossFit and any other athletic pursuit. Contact us to learn more!