Your local Crossfit gym offers so much more than any one globo gym — discover the intrigue of Crossfit today!

There are exercise and training and then there is Crossfit, and while we’re not saying one gym is better than another, you’ll just find something completely divergent when you walk into a Crossfit gym. 

At Crossfit Stimulus in Hampton, we are a Crossfit gym that engages in community through training and hard work! Join us in today’s post as we take a look at what sets our Hampton Crossfit gym apart!

The Community Of Crossfit

Perhaps the early days of Crossfit received bad press — people had limiting beliefs that they’d get injured at Crossfit or that Crossfit wasn’t sustainable. And while all Crossfit gyms aren’t the same, the people speaking out about Crossfit, have actually never joined a class!

Crossfit is a community, period. It attracts people of all walks of life and if you want to participate you have to be committed and work hard, and perhaps this turns people away. A Crossfit gym is not the place to read your US Weekly while strolling on the treadmill or put on headphones and crush weights alone — Crossfit is people-centric and wants you to become a part of their community. 

In a space of globo gyms, crossfit is all about cultivating relationships in and between sets! It’s a place that allows you to be you and share in the Crossfit community. It has evolved away from an elite-only club and moved into the everyday folks who want to work hard, because we know, most people aren’t going to be named the Fittest on Earth

Crossfit provides a space for you to shine — not only will you train with a group of people who are cheering you on, you’re also competing against yourself to be your personal best.

And, when you’re not working out people are often hanging out in the gym playing games, planning events, and being social. Traning is a huge part of Crossfit, but engaging and building community are held equally. 

Community aside, this is what you’ll find at Crossfit that you won’t find at your local gym:

Different Crossfit Classes – While many local gyms offer a variety of classes, Crossfit gyms focus on functional movements that will make you better at life. Think gymnastics, strength training, and mobility — all of these support your wellness and promote a healthy lifestyle with less accidents and injuries.  

Measurable Progress – If you’re looking for progress and accountability, Crossfit puts it all on a whiteboard for everyone to see! And more importantly, you can track your progress week after week as you begin to repeat WODs — you’ll see faster times, more reps, etc.

Coaches Who Care – Crossfit coaches are invested in your success and they truly care. You’re not a scheduled client — you’re all a part of the same community as they are so they will push you to your limits only to see you rise above! 

So, you can choose Crossfit or you can choose your local gym. One boasts a vibrant community with people who will train hard with you and go to your kid’s birthday party, while another one can leave you isolated while you attempt to do it all on your own. 

If you’re ready to cultivate community and find belonging, connect with us today!